I see people say reddit is bad place, the hive mind is so bad and they are right. i mean my god i'm a redditor and i agree with them, we suck but why no one talk about twitter? in fact (my opinion) twitter sucks more and got more hive mind than reddit. Why do i say that? well, on reddit when you say something the "hive mind" does not agree with you they just can simply downvote you and you can simply create a new account (even over tor) but on twitter when you say something bad you get canceled and by that it means you can literally lose your job, not just some internet points. Also most of reddit users are hive mind just for fun such as no emojis rule, we do it for fun we do not mean it or when you go and say i love systemd or if it's linux or gnu/linux we mostly reply out of fun and messing around but on twitter they mean it not just messing around so yup twitter suck more and people just blame reddit