So i was chatting with my poor friend (poor in mind not in money) and she asked me why the hell im upset from our country and that i don't like seeing them hosting our health records on servers. I replied with a smile and i said well, nothing is secure. nothing really, think about it, Let's take biggest companies, they still getting hacked (Facebook, Microsoft, name few more) and nothing really can stop them. my friend of course replied and said oh so it's system's fault then it's easy we can improve it right? (poor friend). i replied and said nope! becuase no matter what we do, nothing will ever be secure, why? becuase we are fucking humans. even if we made 100% secure system, we fool ourselves (aka social engineering) like what happened with twitter and that famous bitcoin scam. we hacked the people not the system so pretty much we are fucked, no matter what we do we are going to get hacked and thats why i'm upset and i'm scared too that someday our servers get hacked and all of our health records be online for free! - My friend replied and said oh! then she blocked me. Ah, it was nice to talk to a fellow human afterall.