Yes i'm dumb and seems i will never stop loosing my 2FA seed...As you know i left protonmail after i knew about their recent news with giving IP to gov and i said heck! i'm going to leave them for ctemplar and indeed i contacted ctemp (for short) and i got invitation code and i joined then later by a week i enabled 2fa to be 'secure' but for whatever reason my keepassxc acts weird latley and most of 2fa codes does not work at first (but some worked) so i disabled 2fa on most of my accounts until i see why i get so many errors and ctemp just refuses to open up at all so i lost access for it even tho i have the seed but seems it's no longer working :/ and i still did not contact their support but i'm sure they will say you are fucked up we can't help so yup. Now i can re route my work email via it's alias to my protonmail again but i'm lazy to do so, so keep sending to my work email because it's going into a loop hole