So as you may -do not- know that i now dual boot (windows and linux) so far so good right? actually no as i got into linux more and more i wanted to make it harder and harder so i can learn but the thing is i made it too much hard for me so now i use DWM within Artix linux right away from 2 months of using Manajro so of course it's like hell right now giving to that windows so much easier and faster but you know what! i'm going to force myself into linux to deal with it and knowing well that i will take first time to get used to it but once i did it will be so nice and easy so the goal here for you as a reader don't do like me, yes learn linux but don't force yourself into the hard take it steps as now i regret doing dwm and maybe use xfce or something first but yeah...DWM so Fuck You and I'll See You Tomorrow* Linux

*It's a meme called "Fuck You and I'll See You Tomorrow"